1. Luz Diaz Lesson 33COLLAPSEQuestion 3. What I understood

1. Luz Diaz Lesson 33COLLAPSEQuestion 3. What I understood what salesmen lives a middleman existence means was, that the salesman lives in two worlds. The all male life of the road and the family circle at home. What I understood by the author writing the all male life and the family circle was that the salesman has a major duty. Not only does a middleman repeats information about what he is selling but he also interprets, translates and catchers errors, he also has a duty at home. Perhaps it can be a responsibility as a husband, brother or son. What I understood about living two worlds as a salesman was that he has to go out to the world and work to make good money to provided to the family he has at home. 2.Justine Chmielowski Lesson 32COLLAPSEIt has been said that there are fewer tragedies due to the lack of heroes among us. It has also been said that there was too much pessimism in tragedies and even though the truth that was in them was considered to imply optimism. The common man is subject for tragedy because it is not necessarily a requirement to be royalty like the kinds were in the Oedipus and Orestes complexes. Ordinary people in similar emotional states go through the exact same thing.3.Megan Pilat Lesson 32COLLAPSEMiller’s thoughts on the American dream is that for the most part it is in all American play writings as the role of the story. By this he states that every author in America writes for the soul purpose to portray the American Dream in their own words and stories. For example, the American Dream is not have to worry about anything, whether it be the house, bills, family, etc. It is also what it means to be an American, because almost every American wants to be happy and succeed in their career and life. Miller’s thoughts on Death of a Salesman is depicting the story and connecting this story with the American Dream. In Death of a Salesman a young man’s motto is, ‘on a smile and a shoeshine’. By this the character is portrayed as not having a care in the world because all he needs to do is smile and do a quick shoeshine to send him on his way. In reality Miller wants this character to be known not only in the motto he carries, but as well as to know that he is a simple man with everyday problems in his job, family relations, and life. It goes to show that even though someone might carry a smile on their face they still might be dealing with a ton of other issues in their life just like everyone else. I suppose Miller was intending to show that you need to push yourself to achieve the American Dream, because if you believe and fight for something you will gain it.

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