1.Watch Video below( link below) and write your thoughts on

1.Watch Video below( link below) and write your thoughts on the video between 100-110 words. https://media.pearsoncmg.com/pls/us/phoenix/126990… 2.(Respond back to post below between 100-110 words) such as i agree…………… Based on video linkThe video from Hewlitt-Packard about working in a diverse business world offered ways to overcome challenges to intercultural communication. When working with groups of people with different beliefs, styles, behavioral norms, body language, and taboo’s, being conscience of the differences is key to working well with others. When you understand what the differences are between the groups of people you are working with, you are better prepared to communicate well. Providing tolerance by embracing others’ differences and valuing them can provide strong relationships. With communication being the highest challenge in working with others and other cultures, providing employees with resources such as what Hewlitt-Packard has is valuable. They provided online resources that are easy to use, highlight the necessary information instead of providing too much content, provide different approaches, and listed out business behaviors in other countries. By providing their employees with easy to use tools, they have succeeded in the challenges of intercultural communication by providing clear information and helping their workforce be tolerant, conscience, and helping them avoid making mistakes. The example he gave of a cultural norm in business practice how in America, you meet and get working on business right away while in some other cultures, you would want to connect over a meal, share a personal connection to get to know one another first. Knowing the different styles of doing business in different cultures is important to the success of companies that work across different cultures.

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