1,000 WORD COUNT (ARTICLES PROVIDED ) DO NOT USE ANY OTHER ARTICLES INTROContextual Background-at least 5 sentences. This must set up the ideas and reasoning behind the whole notion of why this essay is being written, and it clearly illustrates the reasoning behind why this is an issue people should be interested in and care about. Consider how you can express and cover the when, where, why, how, who, and what areas that pertain to the issue the paper will explore and discuss. You must establish clear and precise context that makes the issue stand out clearly and emphasizes its importance. Thesis: You will not mention any sources as you succinctly state the issue and the position on the issue. The thesis must stretch outside the constraints of the sources- the thesis must be global and clearly and artfully state the whole premise of the discussion. BODY PARAGRAPH USE QUOTES TO SUPPORT POINT THROUGHOUT BODY PARAGRAPHS The topic sentence must clearly articulate the discussion point of this paragraph. Do not mention the sources in the topic sentence. The body paragraph needs to explore and discuss the point as stated in the topic sentence and the discussion point must connect to, support, and expand on the issue as stated in the thesis. The quotes in the body paragraphs must not be right at the beginning or at the end of the paragraph. Do not use quotes close to the end of the paragraphs. You will need at least 2-3 sentences after each quote. Replicate the process in each body paragraph until you have fully explored and supported the thesis. CONCLUSION Do not use quotes in the conclusion. Do not introduce any new material or and new discussion points in the conclusion. Do not just copy or rephrase the thesis. Make sure you give a sense of closure as you take the discussion back to the central tenet of the paper. Do not open up a whole new point of the discussion. Make the conclusion leave the reader with something to ponder. FULLY EXPLAIN QUOTES Read and study all the articles. Write the start of the introduction and make it interesting, relevant, and understandable as you introduce the topic in a broad sense. The idea is to prime the readers in a general sense before you narrow to the specifics of the thesis. You cannot get too narrow until you actually take the final exam and select the essay question you will respond to. Make sure you type up the works cited ahead of time. Pre select some quotes you find interesting. Think about what points you want to make in the first part of the introduction you are going to write a head of time. I don’t think it is possible to write about this topic in anyway without mentioning the massive increase in the use of smartphones and the networking capabilities of smart phones. People now carry in their pockets the tool that makes them globally connected 24/7, and I don’t think anyone can ignore the impact that is having on people and the way they interact and communicate.

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