750 word count, use proper English and grammar, use 2-3refer

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750 word count, use proper English and grammar, use 2-3references, use this as a reference Cardon, P. (2013).Business Communication: Developing Leaders for a Networked World. McGraw-Hill,use in-text citation if needed, use your own words, no cover sheet, answer allparts of question. Number each answer.1. In 2008, BobNardelli delivered news that Chrysler would lay off one-fourth of itswhite-collar managers. Read his email- Damon Lavrinc, ‘Bob Nardelli toEmployees: We’re Cutting 25% of Remaining White-Collar Jobs’ (October 24,2008) [Available athttp://www.autoblog.com/2008/10/24/bob-nardelli-to-employees-we-want-a-25-cut-of-white-collar-job/]. Explain five ways this message could bemore effective. Use examples. 2. Imagine you are designing a marketing research project. Your overallgoals for the project are to identify best practices for green meetings fromthe perspective of vendors, compare marketing approaches, and evaluate thestrategic and financial importance of offering green meetings. Do thefollowing:a. Write three research questions you could ask conference attendees that wouldhelp you understand what consumers think about green meetings. b. Once you’ve determined what you want to learn about green meetings, write 3specific and measurable research objectives for your project.c. What primary research strategies would you use to collect data for eachobjective, and why? 3. Assume the role of Nick and write anemail to your uncle explaining why you think the company needs to get out ofchemicals. You think the chemicals division could be sold for around half amillion dollars. You currently have about $740,000 in debt related to thechemicals division. You would need to lay off ten employees, all of whom havebeen loyal to the company for many years. However, you think it’s necessarybecause the chemical division lost nearly $200,000 last year, and you expectthings to get worse.4. Based on the Netflix announcementcontained in Figure 11.17 , do the following: A. Write a detailed AIM planningdocument and devote at least five paragraphs to analyzing your audience,developing your ideas, and structuring your message. B. Rewrite the bad-newsemail in a more other-oriented way.

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