A listing agreement, or listing contract, is essentially a c

A listing agreement, or listing contract, is essentially a contractthat spells out the rights and duties of a seller and the real estateagent or broker. You have decided that you are going to sell the house you arecurrently living in and own. (Pretend you own it, even if you do not. Ifyou do not live in a house, you can use one of your friend or familymember’s homes.) You have located a real estate broker, Martha Smarts ofSure Sale Realty of (your city or town), (your state). She has agreedto list your property for sale. Using the Internet, locate the listing agreement/listing contractused by your state in real estate transactions. Once you have locatedthe listing agreement/listing contract, use it to complete theagreement. Fill in all the details as you see fit (you may use a samplelisting agreement or listing contract that you find Online as a guide).For example, you should decide what you want as a purchase price.

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