About the assignmentIn this week’s assignment, you will r

About the assignmentIn this week’s assignment, you will review several aspects of the delivery process and use the information from your reading to develop, enhance, and complete a presentation. Using the UMA Virtual Library, you will also research anxiety in relation to giving presentations.BackgroundAs a medical administrative assistant at Saint Catherine Children’s Hospital, you were invited to give a presentation at a conference regarding the unique methods that you developed for preventing medical errors. You are interested in presenting because you know it will give you some positive exposure and boost your career; however, to ensure you are ready to present to an audience of 325 people, you review the process for developing, enhancing, completing, and delivering a presentation.Topic 50 pointsIt doesn’t matter if you are a professional speaker, actress, or third grader sharing with the class, speaking in front of others can cause anxiety. Giving a business presentation is no different. Uncontrolled anxiety can negatively affect any type of presentation. However, it can also be beneficial if you can convert it into positive energy.Directions to complete this assignment:Download the PowerPoint Template.Create a presentation of 6 to 10 slides. (For help, see C below)Your topic for the presentation is “Overcoming anxiety when speaking in front of others.”Use the UMA Virtual Library to research the topic. See information below.Your presentation should include an introduction slide, body slides, and a closing slide.Cite your sources on a reference slide – Must include at least 2. Citation Makers; APA Resource CenterBe sure to include all the steps in the three-step writing process as you are creating your presentation.AVOID PLAGARISM

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