According to PPT to write a paper.Guideline:Most use regress

According to PPT to write a paper.Guideline:Most use regression or forecasting. determining settings in a production process, analyzing state data to forecasting sales and predicting the profit and all related to Buckle In company!The paper need1. Introduction – includes a detailed description of the problem and motivation for the study.2. Variables used in the study, like Independent Variable and Dependent Variable3. Data Analysis – includes all necessary computer output.4. Interpretation and limitations of study5. Summary/ConclusionsFile .In the file, it gonna mentioned Dependent Variable will be Monthly Sales and Independent Variable like: collecting the data for Number of Stores, Unemployment, Consumer Sentiment Index, and Inflation. Also regression of each one of those variables against Net Sales. What’s more, regression using all variables and generated a Correlation Matrix.

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