ACME Development Corporation (ADC), a developer of custom ho

ACME Development Corporation (ADC), a developer of custom homes and apartment complexes, has decided to standardize its project management practices and processes across the national organization.The goal is standardize on one single software project scheduling and to have this tool up and running within 90 days. To this end, ACME is forming a PMO. The company has 40 project managers dispersed all over United States and they using whatever scheduling tool they liked. They have also been able to buy equipment and engage contractors at will.The PMO will be determining one scheduling tool that all PMs will be expected to use, exclusive of any other scheduling tools. The PMO will also develop and implement a standard project procurement process. A Web-based solution is the more suitable because the PMs are located across the U.S.You have been charged with implementing the project procurement process as well as the standardized scheduling tool for this company.A sufficiently detailed Statement of Work (SOW) can assist with the negotiations during the bidding process as well as deal with potential conflicts during the execution of the contract. The SOW can be utilized to address risks such as not meeting requirements or non-performance of work.Address the following:Prepare a Statement of Work with at least 8 sections. (see attachment for proper format).Other attachments for document support.

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