Activity 1: Choosing the Right Email AccountIn pairs or team

Activity 1: Choosing the Right Email AccountIn pairs or teams find out how to set up different types of email accounts. Investigate what features are available on each one?Use the resources below and what you learned during the Task to complete this activity.Study Setting Up Email Windows TutorialStudy How Do I Set Up Email Using Gmail? Study Setting Up Your POP or IMAP Email Address in Microsoft OutlookActivity 2: Problems with EmailYou will need to do some searches on the internet and in the university database for more information.Attachment size issuesSpamSpoofingBombingInvasion of PrivacyTracking sent emailDesign a quick guide for the client to deal with problems he may encounter with email.Activity 3: Set Up New AccountSet up a new email account. Take screen shots of the set up. Troubleshoot the system. Provide a set of quick, easy instructions for the neighbor to use the email system.If the email you chose includes a calendar, set that up also.

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