Addt Instruction from Professor The Field Agency Macro Pape

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Addt Instruction from Professor: The Field Agency Macro Paper is due this coming Sunday. What I am looking for is your ability to follow the guidelines and provide the information requested. If the information is not available in your agency, then state that. If hte information is based on observation, then state that as well and who is making the observation (justify why that individual is an ‘expert’ or trusted source of information)Instructions:Follow the outline precisely.Be brief and factual in your answers.Use agency charts where possible, e.g., budget, organizational chart for staffing pattern. Do not insert charts in lieu of the narrative presentation. If a chart is not available, you may create one to summarize the information.Use the latest available data, e.g. annual report.Locate key people who will help you find the information for this assignment and interview them.4-6 pages, excluding charts. Use APA format.Click on blue text to download detailed instructionsGrading criteria:Grading Guide for Field Agency PaperPossibleScorePart I. Agency Values & Policy and Organizational Structure40A. Values and Policy20Summary of agency mission and valuesState/federal policy issueComparison of your values and agency valuesIdentification of public laws that impact delivery of agency services.B. Organizational Structure20Identification of the specific program in which you workIdentification of catchment area or geographic boundaries of area servedInclusion of agency charts (organizational)Identification of organizational structure and staffing patterns (at all levels)Funding PatternIdentification of community/interagency interactionsPart II. Population Served40A. Describe the client population served in your program30Age groups Racial and Ethnic Composition Gender Socioeconomic classIdentification of specific problems clients bring to your program & oppression.B. Identification of the predominant referral sources10Part III. Evaluation10Agency evaluationInitial impression of strengths and limitations of programOther: conformity to directions, APA style, overall appearance, correct grammar, etc. 10Final Grade100

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