After a Winter’s Silence’ by May SartonAlong the terrace wal

After a Winter’s Silence’ by May SartonAlong the terrace wallSnowdrops have pushed throughHard ice, making a pool.Delicate stems now showWhite bells as thoughThe force, the thrust to flowerWere nothing at allWho gives them the power?After a winter’s silenceI feel the shock of springMy breath warms like the sun,Melts ice, bursts into songSo when the inner oneGives life back the powerTo rise up and push through,There’s nothing to itAs snowdrops knowWhen snowdrops flower.Things to think before you begin writing your analysis of the poem:What is a snowdrop?What is the relevance of the seasons?What do the words on the page say to you?Using the knowledge you have acquired this semester, thing about the imagery, the theme, the structure.Does your response contain an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion?Does your final draft contain spelling or grammatical errors?Your essay in response to this poem should includea titledan introductiona thesis statementtopic sentencessupporting sentencesa conclusion

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