An interpersonal communication need that has been revealed t

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An interpersonal communication need that has been revealed to me within the fast few weeks is patience. Patience in relation to communication with other is very important. In week one we began to learn about understanding identity of other through communication. Identity is based on “what we do” and not “what we are.” How we interact with one another is how people define our identity and how we define theirs (Stewart, 2012). However, patience is needed when creating identity for another person. We cannot expect to have one or two interactions with a person and expect to have a concrete identity for them. Because identity is “what we do” it can be constantly changing. Situations may cause us to act out of the ordinary, the relationship status of the people who we may be communicating with are different. These factors may trigger different responses, actions, and emotion during our interactions, thus creating people having created different identities for one person. Because of this we must be patient with other people. We must understand that we cannot simple sum up a person with one interaction or even two or three. It takes time.In week three we focused on communication being an “inhale and exhale process.” Through that week we understood that “inhaling” in majority of situations is more crucial that exhaling. In the inhaling portion, we are perceiving and listening to what another person is communicating to us (Stewart, 2012). I know I have the issue of jumping to conclusions of attempting to finish other people’s thoughts. I do this in hopes of them seeing that I am just trying to understand them and let them know that I am listening. However, I have learned that this is not best. It is best to be patient and wait for others to finish their thoughts. In this week’s reading we learned how to respond to people in tough situations and how listening and perceiving what they say should look like. The basic tip is to let them speak, restate what they said to make sure you are understanding correctly and them ask probing, not criticizing, questions in order to further understand and respond (Burley-Allen, 1995). Also, not every situation should be responded to in the same way due to the differing situation and the person in the situation may respond to a different approach. Because of this patience is needed.My faith journey only started a few years ago while in undergrad. I believe patience is something that I need in order to continue on this path. A lot of the times I do not feel as if I am on track with doing what I need to do in order to serve the Lord. I feel as if I do not go to church enough, or read my bible when I need to. However, spiritual growth is more than that. I need to have patience with myself in understanding that not everything is going to go smoothly within my spiritual journey. Exodus 14:14 says, “ The Lord will fight for you; you only need to be still.”

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