Analyze the 9 Scenarios in the Appendix to Chapter 4 and app

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Analyze the 9 Scenarios in the Appendix to Chapter 4 and apply the material you studied in chapters 1, 2, 3, and 5 to a discussion of the conflict between successful business performance and legal/ethical conduct.For those of you who are stuck trying to find the Appendix, if you go in your textbook and press the 3 bars, click the table of content and press the self study, you’ll find ‘read only’ at the very bottom and click it to see the Appendix. Hoped this helps!example1st Scenario.) Honestly I would take the job if there was a way to change the ethics in the tobacco company, but I would have to say no. It doesn’t seem strategic in the long run because the CSR for Reynolds is weak due to many ads saying no to tobacco and the demand for tobacco is starting to decrease. Tobacco itself isn’t even environmentally friendly as well. Besides, it’s not that bad to live with my parents anyways.2nd Scenario.) They should discontinue the operations. Financial fines are not enough to repair the problem if it’s minor because they wouldn’t lose too much of their profits if they do and would continue doing so. Companies can be sure that they are true commissions is by looking into more information about the countries and their situations as well as doing background checks on the employees and business units.3rd Scenario.) It’s best not to follow Marilyn’s advice. If there are multiple product that works for the consumer, then it would make more sense to let them have that choice. Sooner or later, someone is going to find out that they have been mislead by that certain store and this sale’s strategy will not work long term.4th Scenario.) This strategy should definitely be pursued. If the conditions for the credit is listed in clear print, then it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Granted these are low-income families, but it doesn’t guarantee that they won’t pay back the credit due.5th Scenario.) It’s in her best interest to correct that mistake because if Mrs. Billings doesn’t correct it and someone finds out that her husband is alive, not only is her reputation tarnished but sales will plummet. 6th Scenario.) Rodriguez should continue promoting it. I’d put a small disclaimer in the commercials and ads posting the ingredients and then put the ingredients on the product because the damage is already done if they are already selling it.7th. Scenario.) I would recommend recalling it as well and fixing it as well because you would lose more money from lawsuits than from a recall anyways.8th Scenario.) Mangold should not continue to use the Marketing Matrix. The consumers never gave consent to having their information collected and continuing to do so only encourages Marketing Matrix to continue doing this.9th Scenario.) Burdick should be allowed to praise his company but shouldn’t attack his competitors. If his online presence is powerful, it could create an online community that would follow his examples and can ruin the brand image for the gum. If I were the consumer, I know I wouldn’t be happy with the fact that they were the CEO was criticizing other competitions or if they were closely involved because it’s bias and I wouldn’t know if this is quality product or not.

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