Animal RightsIn this week’s Discussion, you and your fello

Animal RightsIn this week’s Discussion, you and your fellow classmates will tackle the question of animal rights. Students often find this topic challenging since it can call them to question their own view of animals and how they should or should not be treated.Do you believe animals have rights and do you believe people have an obligation to protect those rights?If you believe animals have rights, what are these rights? If you do not believe animals have rights, are there reasons people should protect them from abuse? Explain your position using ethical reasoning and/or theory.In addition to your posted answer, be sure to comment on at least two of your classmates’ post and participate regularly. Responses to others can come in many forms and can include the following:Responding to the ideas or details of someone else’s responses.Taking a concept from the reading and applying it to life, to the reading itself, to your work, or to the questions you’re asked to answer.Helping a peer understand a concept from the reading.Sharing a story from work or your community that illustrates the reading.Asking questions on points you need help understanding.Explaining why you answered a question in a specific way.Pointing out how different answers took the question in different directions/noting a pattern/suggesting an explanation.Developing theories to explain patterns you see in the reading.Summarizing aspects of the assigned reading and asking for help from your peers in figuring out how you would apply this concept in a real world situation.

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