Answer any 5 out of the following six questions (500 words e

Answer any 5 out of the following six questions (500 words each question). You are not required to write your answer in an essay format. However, you should coherently organize your points and put them into proper sentences. The answers should be comprehensive and clear.In your answer, youshould provide examples wherever it is necessary.there is no need for quotes/citations/bibliography or paraphrases and you are free to use any sources that you like to gather information as long as it is being written in your own words and not copy pasted.1 outline and elaborate on the main principles of Canadian constitution. 2- outline and elaborate on main events/developments that eventually led to Canadian political independence from Britain 3- Outline and elaborate on factors behind western alienation.4-What is regionalism, what are causes of regionalism and how has Canadian government attempted to address regional disparities?5- Specify and elaborate on the main models of inter-group relations. which of these models have been adopted by Canada? 6- Is Canadian political culture different than American political culture? Outline and elaborate on how Gad Horowitz and Seymour Martin Lipset have explained the reasons behind differences in Canadian and American political culture.

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