Application Assignment 1Application Assignment 1 Defining Ke

Application Assignment 1Application Assignment 1 Defining Key Terms in Chapter 1: The Nature and Tools of ResearchSelect 10 terms from Chapter 1: The Nature and Tools of Research and define each term in your own words. Give a complete definition and give an example of your choice if appropriate. Follow the following instructions to get your submission graded:1.Print out the grading rubric and follow it carefully but do not include it in your submitted file.. 2.Upload answers to all questions in a single MS Word document. Then upload the single file. Upload the file with your class number followed by last name and first initial followed by Application_Assignment_1. Example “77_Moumen_F-Application_Assignment_1.doc” 3. Submit you document by Day 7 of this week, this assignment will close on day 7.Grading Rubric for this assignmentCategoryCategory DescriptionDescriptorPoints Awarded/Max. PointsEach Term ( 2 pts)Each term has to be from the material discussed in Chapter 1: Nature of Research and tools of Research and has to be in your words. Grammar & Writing Style (5 points)Student’s answers are free of grammatical errors and is written in a manner where a college level reader can grasp the essay’s meaning/argument in a single rapid reading. Total 25 points

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