Assignment 1: Management Planning and OrganizingAs part of

Assignment 1: Management Planning and OrganizingAs part of management planning, companies starting up need to define their vision (long term idealized ultimate company goal), their mission (or purpose statement), values (their corporate beliefs) and their company goals that they will endeavor to meet both in the short and long term. These vision, mission, and values statements are typically found on corporate websites.Once the company goals are determined, management addresses organizing to delineate the tasks and responsibilities of employees to accomplish the goals. For this Assignment you will be using the ‘Tim’s Coffee Shoppe’ scenario from the Final project Assignment. This business simulation will be referenced throughout this course as you work on various aspects of your assignments.Access Tim’s Coffee Shoppe here. After viewing the scenario address the following checklist items concerning planning and organizing in an eight (8) slide PowerPoint presentation:Checklist: In this Assignment, you will address development of the mission and vision statement for Tim’s Coffee Shoppe.After looking up vision and mission statements on several of your preferred company websites for examples:Decide on a mission and vision statement for Tim’s Coffee ShoppeThree bulleted goals for the next year (short term)Three bulleted goals for the long term (the next 3 years ) for Tim’s Coffee Shoppe.Provide a short explanation of how Tim’s Coffee Shoppe can reach each of these goals (3 short-term, and 3 long-term).Access the Assignment 1 grading rubric.Submit your response in a short Microsoft PowerPoint slide presentation consisting of a minimum of eight (8) slides which includes a title slide and references slide (at the end) using APAcitation style. Submit your presentation to the unit DropboxWhom ever works with me on this assignment I would like to continue working with you for the semester because throughout the semester this one topic will continue to build.

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