Assignment one Social movementsThrough the advent of social

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Assignment one: Social movementsThrough the advent of social media, a thing known as ‘slactivism’ has arisen. This is literally activism through social media and, despite such a negative label, researchers are finding that this actually works! Activism through the medium of social media is having a significant impact. This is just ONE example of many of not only a ‘mass behavior’ but can also fit into all 4 categories of social movements. The individuals involved in this mass behavior/social behavior could easily be examined within the lens of the ‘contagion theory’ as well as the ’emergent-norm theory.’For this question, choose 1 SPECIFIC social movement going on today. It can be associated with or without social media. It can be Black Lives Matter, the Anti-Vaccination movement or a movement to clean up our oceans, etc.. Find an article explaining this movement and answer the following questions:1. What type of social movement does your movement fall under?2. What theory of crowd behavior can be applied to this movement? Please expand3. What Social movement theory can be applied to this movement? Please expand4. At what stage in the social movement cycle would you place this movement?Assignment Two: Politics assignment (Links to an external site.)Please watch the link provided.Chapter 17 provides an almost overwhelming amount of information. The video I have provided you gives a discussion of 5 potential causes for a WWIII. My goal for this discussion question is to have you connect what you have viewed in the video with the key information in the text. Once you have watched the video (you may need to more than once) please answer the following questions to the best of your ability. Use your critical thinking caps and support your answers as best as you can!1. Choose 1 potential reason given in the video to discuss for this question. Please state which option you chose and why.2. Based on this reason, what type of government (as discussed in the chapter) is most likely to start this war? What types of governments are also most likely to get involved?3. Of the 5 causes of war discussed in the text, which apply to your scenario?4. Of the four causes for revolution, do any apply to your was scenario?5. How does war, specifically the war you are theorizing, impact the welfare state in your country? What economic or social issues could arise?I know that is a lot to think through so do your best. Based off of your knowledge and the information in this chapter answer to the best of your ability. I will only step in and ask you to support your claims with outside sources if it appears you are making statements that seem to exist outside the realm of general knowledge or are overly general about a certain group/political party/type of person.

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