AssignmentProposalOverviewIn this exercise we will address t

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AssignmentProposalOverviewIn this exercise we will address topics of web desing and development which should be discussed before installing Joomla!AssignmentThink about a web site you would like to develop in this course. The topic of your web site should be somewhat business related, such as a real or fictitious business or non-profit organization. Personal web sites such as web sites about yourself, sites about popular sports teams, sites about travel destinations are not suitable for this project. If you are not sure if your topic is suitable, please check with your instructor.Write a proposal for your project you plan to create in this class. Your proposal should include:Your full nameCompany/Organization nameDomain name (URI) (check if the name is in use and cut and paste the information into your proposal/it doesn’t matter if your name is already in use for this project since it will be not be live)Brief descriptionKeywords for your site (at least 5)Define site purposeoverall purposeneed for the siteDefine site audiencewho, what, where whyvisitor actions while on the sitevisitor actions after they leave the sitecommunication pathBranding for your sitelogo (created digitally)color scheme (including color names and RGB values)Wireframes for at least 3 pagesWhat to turn inTurn in printed materials defined above. Site purpose and site audience should be discussed in at least one extensive paragraph each. Logo, color scheme, and wireframes should be specifically for the site you plan to create.Copy the first part (your name, company/organization name, domain name, brief description, keywords) to the online discussion board in blackboard (Discussions/Project Proposal). i already picked the Company/Organization name. So what i that i need someone to correct and explain more and Define site purpose, overall purpose, need for the site,Define site audience, who, what, where why, visitor actions while on the site, visitor actions after they leave the site, communication path, Branding for your site, logo (created digitally),color scheme (including color names and RGB values) and finally Wireframes for at least 3 pages. You can use any tools for wireframe. Thanks

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