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ATTENTION:DO NOT PLAGARISM! USE OWN WORDS TO WRITE ANSWER. DO NOT USE ANY REFERENCE! THERE ARE 4 QUESTIONS (AFTER READ THE CASE ANSWER THOSE QUESTION) Case on the file1. You are members of Shannon’s student editorial team in the UDT newsroom. She has told you the paper’s situation and expressed her concern about its long-term survival. You share her sense of urgency about the need to do something to save this NWU institution. Work together to develop long-term and mid-term plans for the future of UDT. 2. How do you think your editorial advisor, the publisher, and the board will react to your plans—and to the fact that you, as the student editorial staff—are essentially meddling in the business management of the paper? Develop a plan for when and how Shannon should inform each of these individuals or groups about the work your team is doing. Your goal should be to maximize the likelihood that they will support your plans. Consider whether you should involve them in the planning or develop the plan independently and present it to them after it’s completed. Develop plans for dealing with opposition, obstructionism, or outright rejection of your ideas by any one or all of these groups. 3. Develop a short-term plan for putting your long- and mid-term plans into action. Be sure that your short-term plans include SMART goals and tactics to achieve them. What part of your plan will need to be implemented through discrete projects? Will you need new technologies, new apps, new approaches, or new content? Will you need new expertise on staff? Develop a thorough project management plan using the principles and guidelines outlined in the chapter. Be sure that you understand what will be required to carry out your proposed projects. For example, what goes into building a new app? How long does it take and how much does it cost? Even if you don’t have the expertise to complete the project yourself, as project manager, you need to fully research and understand what the projects you will be managing will need in terms of time, expertise, resources, and risks.

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