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Attention:There two require1. according to those guideline write discussion2. Write you though and review after you watch this videoTHIS DISCUSSION BOARD IS ABOUT EMPATHY AND HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TODAY. EMPATHY IS ACTUALLY LOSING GROUND DUE TO THE ADVANCEMENT IN TECHNOLOGY. YOU CAN TAKE THIS DISCUSSION IN ANY DIRECTION YOU WANT. ENJOY THIS ONE AND PARTICIPATE OFTEN. YOU WILL LEARN MUCH ABOUT YOURSELF AND OTHERS ON THIS TOPIC. One of our College of Business faculty, Dr. Dan Hallock, came up with this discussion thread. Dr. Hallock delivered a presentation at a teaching conference in Nevada about methods to teach empathy to students in college. He used this speech in the presentation. It is truly a powerful speech and well worth watching. (Links to an external site.)You can go in any direction you wish with this topic but link you viewpoint into learning how to be more empathic (look up the numerous definitions of “empathy” and “empathetic” if you are unsure and base your post around the definition you choose). You can also compare and contrast the concept of empathy with that of sympathy (big difference). This discussion will primarily be viewpoint based but you do need to discuss both sides of the issue (why people would want to and do use the word “retard” or any word that truly hurts another person and do they really know, understand and/or care, etc). This could actually be considered a form of bullying.

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