Before responding to this discussion, please read the Scient

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Before responding to this discussion, please read the Scientific Method Tutorial and if needed review optional readings.Describe an example of how you use the scientific method in your daily life. Which observation(s) lead you to use the scientific method? State a good hypothesis, how you are testing the hypothesis (the experiment), results and conclusion. What are the control and treatment groups in your experiment? What is the dependent and independent variables in your experiment? Name at least one controlled variable.Your main response should be a minimum of 150 words (more is OK). You must also post a minimum of one significant reply to classmate’s post that contribute to their learning. The reply should be a minimum of 100 words.In your replies please provide suggestions for how the other students’ scientific method examples can be improved. Examples: How can the hypothesis be edited to make it more specific (better)? Is a proper control group included? Are the independent, dependent and controlled variables correctly identified? How can the experimental design be improved? Also consider sharing any useful videos, tutorials or web-sites that helped you better understand the scientific method.To obtain full credit you need to post a substantial response to the questions above (here in the Discussion) that contributes to your classmates learning (15 points), and reply to at least one of your classmates (5 points each). A further 5 points is earned through a second reply to another classmate.

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