Below is a description of the paper I am requesting. Please

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Below is a description of the paper I am requesting. Please also keep in mind the attached rubric and write to this as well. Consider the goals and pricing with your NEW product or service. My new product idea is for Starbucks Company and the idea is prepackaged sushi as a healthy alternative meal/snack. At this time, you should have product goals. This will help you track and respond to success and failures. Note: you can provide price estimated/hypothetical cost/price information that you outlined in module 1 to track product success/failure/sustainability. Below is an example. Can you develop something similar for your NEW product/service?’This new service retails for 9.95/month, it costs us $4.25 to provide it, and our company needs to gain 1,000 new clients per month for the first year to break even on all startup costs. We will track the number of new clients every month, and renewals. For the first year our product manager will conduct weekly customer interviews to get feedback on orders, price, service satisfaction and whether customers sufficiently share on social media to help promote the product. Each month the product manager will provide feedback results to the marketing team. Based on that monthly feedback, experimental marketing campaigns will be designed and executed each month that address the customer feedback until the right price, service satisfaction and social media sharing ratios are achieved. Specific goals include ‘1000 new customers per month, 20% of new customers arrive by means of social media sharing reference, 95% of satisfaction surveys show at least 80% customer satisfaction with service and price.’This is what I need from Studypool: For this week’s paper, you will need to develop your plan to monitor, assess and adjust your strategy after your product launches. START with product/service GOALS. Include the BRANDING and PRODUCT ASSESSMENT. Incorporate feedback loops to help determine whether or not your product/service is working as planned. Your product evaluation should include the 5 W’s – who, what, when, why and where. **Please use the below headers as provided when writing the paper**III. Milestone HeadersI highly recommend using headers for your milestone. 0. Abstract(optional)I. Introduction(Yes, again, very brief. Don’t leave out a reminder about your product/service and why it matters for THIS paper. The introduction should relate to the current assignment, not just a copy/paste of your old, generic intro paragraphs.)II. Evaluate Success(Be specific to your service/product as well as the brand)- Qualitative and Quantitative Goals, what are yours and why are they the goals or benchmarks that your decided to set and track?- Methods for tracking yours, specifically, MUST include timelines and staff assignments, define actual procedures- Anticipated responses, how are you ready to react to the results?III. Feedback Loops(Be specific about your staff and how they monitor the product/service)- What are yours, who handles them, when do they run?- Give examples, such as a survey(s) you plan to use- What are your anticipated responses to positive or negative feedback?IV. Other Factors(A good section to discuss general BRANDING, whereas the above sections are great for PRODUCT)- Discuss other general considerations that don’t fit precisely into the exact benchmarks and processes already described, forward-thinking observations that may not yet be definable or measurable precisely, for example.V. Conclusion- Is your evaluation and control PROCESS viable and does it track the goals you need to follow?- Is your team ready to handle it?VI. References (APA format for entire paper)

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