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BOOK NAMECRANDALL,T.L , CRANDALL,C.H.,&VANDER ZANDEN,J.W. (2012).HUMAN DEVELOPMENT . 10TH EDATION.NEW YORK:MC-GRAW-HILL.(ISBN:978-0-07-353218-9)Virtual Class – Age 7 & Age 14 Assignment Using the handout given in class, please watch and take notes on the children in Age 7 in America. In the same document, please take notes on Age 14 inAmerica. You are looking for evidence of the personal fable, impact ofpeer pressure, evidence of the ‘storm and stress’ model of adolescence,and gender differences in social groups and intimacy (who are they closeto/ any romantic relationships?). Upload your notes on both documentaries here and bring a printed copy of your work to class for discussion. fill out the paper and write notes from the video

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