Case # 1 ThefieldIwillbegoinginisnetworkingengineeringwhichI

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Case # 1 ThefieldIwillbegoinginisnetworkingengineeringwhichIthinkwilluseallthecategoriesofchannelsinthisfield. It willuse email, instant messaging, text messages, audio, video, and websites. ThereasonIsayallofthemis becausethebusinessIworkformayneedmetosend an emailtothecustomersthatmightinvolvesales. It also eliminates long conversations if the customers don’t have time to talk with you. Another type ofchannel that can be used with my profession is instant messaging. Where businesses use instant messaging for anyquestions the customers may have and the instant message can go directly to me so I may answer the question quickly. Thewebsitechannelishelpfultosaleyourbusinessandtofindoutwhatthecustomersthinkofyourservicethatyouareprovidingforthem. Most of the time websites are there for information purposes if you would like to quickly check andsee what time they open or close. Theaudiochannelcanbegoodifsomeonewouldliketoleaveamessageifyou’re not able to answer the phone at thattime. They can leave you an audio message on why they called your business. Audio messages can be putting yourbusiness on the radio and a customer’s hearing about you in that way is good. Thevideochannelisusedinmanywaystoshowdifferentthings. Like for a school they can promote a commercial onwhy this program network engineering is good for you. What I saw on television that attracted me to VirginiaCollegeiswhenIseenacommercialonthemworkingonwiresandcomputers. It was one reason I came to this school. Thebestchannelformewouldbethewebsitechannelbecauseyoucanputall of thechannelsonthewebsitelikemessagingandvideoaudioaslongasyouhavesomeonetocheckoften. Which can be a great tool for this profession. ThewebsitechannelcanalsobeabadchannelofcommunicationaswellbecauseIhaveseeninsomecaseswheretheycanleavebadthingsaboutyourbusinessanditcanmakepeoplenotwanttovisityourbusiness. Which you can probablytry to fix the issue but not in time. Thebestchannelformyprofessioninthefuturewouldbeinstantmessagingbecausetheycanaskalltheywanttoandwon’t get attitude about it. I love to instant message people about stuff when I don’t want to called them because I don’tfeel like hearing music in my ear all day or get someone that I doesn’t speak English well and makes it difficult tocommunicate with them. Whenyouhavefacetofacecommunicationitcanbegreatforsomeonewhoalwayscallsuptoyourbusiness. Wherethey never answer the phone or get the run around when the person is not direct or don’t know the answer to aquestion. In that situation that is when you say I am just going to go up there and talk face to face to get more actiondone than any of the other channels. Case # 2 I would like work as front-desk personnel or office manager at a Pediatrician’s office.Speaking with experience, the preferred channel or channels for most communication among those in my chosen professional is phone, and e-mail. As a referral coordinator working from the company’s administrative office and with many of our different locations, I am constantly making outgoing calls, receiving incoming calls, and e-mailing among my peers. Other than other tools that allow me to perform well on my professional. Phone and e-mail and the most essential tools that are extremely needed for my daily tasks. I almost forgot to mention that I also use written/paper to create the requests for the office visit referrals and to send them via fax to their doctor’s office. I also receive the referral back from the doctor’s office on paper.Yes, I do believe that there are channels of communication that should NOT be used in my profession. First, I have no reason to be using social media for my tasks, because both subjects do not pertain to each other nor do they go hand in hand. Second, since I am not actually working at the locations that we have, there’s not a possibility of having that face-to-face interaction with the patients, doctors, and other staff members. There was once one time where we did use teleconferencing for a very important issue that disrupted our work schedules. However, I will still list it as a channel of communication that’s not being used. Finally, there’s no reason to text, Instant message or video chat since it would especially disobey a dozen of HIPAA regulations.There will be times that you would like to meet with someone face-to-face and there may be a scheduling conflict or another obstacle preventing it from happening. Nevertheless, some forms of electronic communication would be a preferred method than a face-to-face interaction. Or what if an employer believes that just a simple telephone would suffice enough to determine whether the interviewee would make a good match for the position they’re interviewing for. You can also use any of those other methods of electronic communications for an important meeting, or a conference.The perfect examples of a situation in which a face-to-face interaction would be a preferred channel of communication in my future career would be an interview for a job, or maybe a job promotion. Sometimes having that one-on-one is better for building a better communication with others. There could be times where you might want to say something to someone, and it you may not find the right words. However, maybe if it were in person, there would a better outcome.

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