Case problem #2 on page 723Data Files needed for this Case

Case problem #2 on page 723Data Files needed for this Case em: Food.xlsx, Foodborne lllness.accdbFood Safety Monitors Leah pson is a researcher at Food Safety Monitors, a nonprofit advocacygroup to help prevent the of foodborne illness from tainted foods and inadequate preparation.She has asked your he n developing an Excel workbook that tracks incidents of food poisoning fromthe past . Leah wants to explore the relationship between the type of foodborne illness,the food ed, and the meal location. She also wants to compare the rate of foodborne illnesses—-APmn>Pn states during the 17-year period. Complete the following: 1. Open the Food workbook located in the Excel11 > Case2 folder included with your Data Files,and then save the workbook as Food Safety Monitors in the location specified by your instructor.2. In the Documentation worksheet, enter your name and the date. 3. In the Annual Incidents worksheet, create the following query to extract the annual incidents offoodborne illnesses:a. Connect to the Foodborne Illness Access database file located in the Excel11 > Case2 folder,and then select the Illness table.b. Remove all of the columns from the query except the Date and Illnesses columns.c. Add a column named Year containing the year value for each record. (Hint: In the AddColumn tab, click the Date button, and then select Year as the value to create.)

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