Choose a county in Maryland or the equivalent of a county i

Choose a county in Maryland or the equivalent of a county in a neighborhood state. ( if you are from out of state you may choose the equivalent of county in your home state ) Research what these state and local governments are doing to promote environmental sustainability.Questions to consider include : 1- Focus what resources is the area particularly focused on, and why are those so important to the region? 2- Organization : what are the agencies that carry the efforts? 3-Who is in charge of sustainability efforts? How are leaders selected? 4- How do the governments publicize their cfforts? How do they involve local citizens? 5- How is technology, especially computing technology, involved?Research the topic, using at least three authoritative, reputable sources, which are to be properly cited in the paper. Write a paper, using Word, explain the issue to other University students. This is a formal paper, use correct grammar, formal language, and paragraph structure. Follow the rules of essay organization.Notes: Please use simple and easy way to present it and also choose simple words.

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