Compare and contrast the prevalence of organized crime in tw

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Compare and contrast the prevalence of organized crime in two (2) of the following global regions: North America, Africa, Europe, Latin America, and Asia. Determine each global region’s response to organized crime, and examine the correlation between this response and the prevalence of organized crime in the region.Speculate on at least two (2) reasons why society’s concern about Cybercrime has lagged behind other types of organized crime despite society’s current reliance on computers and technology. Justify your response.RESPOND TO FOLLOWING STATEMENT:Europe- Like the lecture has stated, Europe supplies easy travel. Europe allows provides expanded communication. Traveling and communication are key factors to gain profit. A criminal needs to be able to travel; the easier the process is the more likely they are to follow through and complete the transaction/mission/etc.. Communication is crucial in everyday life, specifically for criminals. Knowing who, what, where, and when in order for everything to run smoothly and not ‘get caught’ is critical for criminals. In Europe there are 5 hubs that all differ for different reasons. Certain areas struggle with certain issues while others may struggle with a complete different issue. 
Asia- Known for smuggling people and goods. A massive issue is sex trafficking men, women, and children. In fact, Asia is considered one of the largest regions of smuggling (both goods and people). We are talking about thousands upon thousands of individuals who are smuggled inside and outside the region; for sex purposes and sex purposes only. Asia’s authority lack in stopping this criminal activity simply because it is out of control! The United States, the United Nations, and the European Union have provided their assistances yet are now providing consequences towards Asia who lack effort of down grading the issue. All regions struggle more or less in terms of what organized crimes are being committed. I can faithfully say that the United States is really struggling with the use of narcotics! I live in SE PA and we are at a heroin epidemic! As a correctional officer I would say majority of female (7/10) of inmates are incarcerated due to some form of drug related issue. Being an officer for 27 months I have alone heard of over a dozen females die since release! More than half of those was being of an overdose.

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