Conclusions and PredictionsIn the last two modules, you were

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Conclusions and PredictionsIn the last two modules, you were involved in reviewing your classmates’ work and providing constructive feedback on their papers and their Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.In this assignment, you will draw conclusions from the entire body of work represented by the research papers and make predictions in the forensic psychology field.For this assignment, consider the seminar papers and Microsoft PowerPoint presentations that you have reviewed and your own research paper.On the basis of these research papers and presentations, present what you have learned. Your presentation should be in terms of specific conclusions that you might draw about the dimensions of forensic psychology and the ramifications for forensic psychology services.Describe how the conclusions and knowledge obtained from these papers and presentations will affect the state of practice in one area in the field of forensic psychology over the next ten years. To do this, take what you have learned from these research papers and infer generic themes and factors pertinent to a field of practice.For example, one paper might be about apples and another about oranges. We do not mix apples and oranges, but apples and oranges are both fruit, are edible, bear seeds, grow on trees, etc. In the field of forensic psychology, research on posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and victims of violence might have a major impact on preventing burnout among criminal justice personnel at the same time.So although the papers reviewed may seem very different, their results and conclusions may have an important impact on one of the following fields of forensic practice:Law enforcementCommunity correctionsJails and prisonsOffender or victim treatmentOffender assessment or evaluationProfessional ethics in forensic servicesEtiology of criminal behaviorPublic policyPreventionPost an analysis in a minimum of 500–600 words.All written assignments and responses should follow APA rules for attributing sources.

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