Congratulations! You were selected as the new assistant to

Congratulations! You were selected as the new assistant to the Chief Financial Officer of Pearland Medical Center, a 1,000-bed academic medical center in the suburbs of a city with a population of over 4 million. Pearland Medical Center purchased Zoll R Series defibrillators, automatic cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) support machines for its emergency department, for $20,000 and placed it in service in 2015. Pearland Medical Center paid $400 to ship the machine. No installation fees were required. Assume that the chest compression system falls into the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS) 5-year class. Calculate the Lucas chest compression system depreciation expense for tax purposes according to MACRS and its tax book value for each year.Discuss the relationship between depreciation and taxes for a taxable organization. In-text citations and references: Be sure that all information and ideas in your papers are supported by in-text citations and corresponding references at the end of the paper.Scholarly sources: At least two scholarly sources should be included in your papers. Online sources must be limited to credible professional and scholarly publications such as peer-reviewed journal articles, e-books, or specific webpages on websites from a university, government, or nonprofit organization (these have extensions .edu, .gov, or .org). Presenting consumer sources such as e-magazines, newspapers, Wikipedia, WebMD, or other commercial websites (these have extensions .com) as references is not appropriate.NO PLAGIARISM ALLOWED, AND ALL WORK CITED INSIDE THE PAPER MUST BE ON THE REFERENCE PAGEREFERENCE PAGE MUST INCLUDE LINKSMUST BE FROM CREDIBLE SITES ,org, .edu, .gov

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