Create a 2-3 page performance appraisal template for the com

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Create a 2-3 page performance appraisal template for the company in the NTCo Case Study. The performance evaluation will be for an hourly employee and needs to include each of the Emotional Intelligence (EQ) competencies. As you develop the performance appraisal, reflect on your EQ and personality style. Be sure that your assessment identifies a performance dimension that is focusing on both a personal and social competency with the respective competency description. Attached importante requirement The Emotional Intelligence (EQ) competencies are:Personal CompetencySelf-Awareness (Emotional awareness, Self-Assessment, or Self- Confidence)Self-Regulation (Self Control, Trustworthiness, Conscientiousness, Adaptability, Innovation)Self-Motivation (Achievement, Drive, Commitment, Initiative, or Optimism)Social CompetencyEmpathy (Awareness of others’ feelings, needs, and concerns)Social Skills (Skill at inducing responses in other-influencing, conflict management, building bonds and relationships, collaboration, building trust and respect, etc.).You can view examples of performance appraisal forms here:The Performance Appraisal FormPersonnel Practices – Employee Performance Reviews (page 64)The Complete Guide to Performance Appraisal – Part I: Appraisal of Job SkillsFor additional guidance, view this video (20 minutes).Conducting High-Impact, Low-Stress Performance Reviews

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