DIRECTIONS Read the questions below and answer all the ques

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DIRECTIONS: Read the questions below and answer all the question one to two sentences for each the books are the Artist’s way and The annotated MONA LISA The Artist’s Way:Chapter 5 – “Recovering a Sense of Possibility;”Chapter 6 – “Recovering a Sense of Abundance.”The Annotated MONA LISA:“The Twentieth Century: Modern Art ” (pages 128-167).2. INSTRUCTIONAL UNIT:Read Unit IV. – Material (Instruction) & Do Internet Research.3. DISCUSSIONS:Complete initial postings & responses to no less than five other students, unless otherwise directed, for each of the Discussions threads/topics.4. ASSIGNMENTS: Complete Assignment #9: Critique of a Work of Visual ArtComplete Assignment #10: REFLECTIONS 4: Self-Assessment Quiz. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________Complete the REFLECTIONS Quiz. – There are seven items. (Please read all of the information carefully. Contact me immediately with any questions). In this Word document, respond directly under each item. Add additional spaces between items if needed.To submit your assignment – Go to SUBMISSIONS (in this assignment) and click on ‘Add Attachments,’ click on ‘My Computer,’ and upload your REFLECTIONS-Self-Assessment Quiz file.NAME: _____________________REFLECTIONS 4 – Self-Assessment Quiz Self-Assessment of Progress and Learning1. What is something you learned in this unit that you believe will be important for you to know and understand?
2. Rate yourself on a scale of 1 – 10 (10 is the highest) on your understanding of what you have learned to date. – Why?3. Optional – Note any suggestions, concerns, or comments you have in regard to the course and/or course work.4. SELF-ASSESSMENT – PROGRESS WITH COURSE OBJECTIVES:Comment on your current progress and growth in regard to any of the course objective/s as stated in the syllabus and restated below. Be specific by telling HOW.If you have not done any of the objectives at this point of the semester, state that. 
Directions: Stated below are the course objectives. STATE under each objective if the objective or part of an objective has been experienced to date. Be specific and give examples as what you did to experience the objective/s. Insert spaces under the selected objectives for your responses.Note: There may be weeks you will only experience one objective as well as weeks in which you will experience many objectives. During the learning process, objectives may be experiences at different levels such as an introductory level, a review level, or a mastery level. Students’ styles and rates of learning are different. You may note personal strengths and weaknesses. This assessment is about your unique personal progress and growth.COURSE OBJECTIVES:1. To enhance the ability to experience, to respond, and to discuss works of art. 2. To explore the artist’s journey through process to product. 3. To acquire the knowledge and skills that will increase informed aesthetic awareness in the arts and to apply those understandings to create and write a personal aesthetic philosophy. 4. To understand and be able to apply the process of critique in relation to works of art. 5. To investigate and compare research based theories of creativity. 6. To study the lives and works of selected exceptional artists.7. To analyze and evaluate the development of personal human potential.8. To successfully complete an experiential learning project written paper and to share with the class the knowledge obtained from the ELP experience. 9. To experience art and its powers of communication by making art. 10. To have opportunities to reflect upon personal learning experiences and assess personal growth. 5. HANDS-ON ARTS EXPERIENCE:Following are the instructions from the unit material.Sing the song in each of the following ways:Fast and then slowLoud and then softStart on a higher note and sing the song at a higher pitch. Then start on a lower note and sing the song at a lower pitch.Hum the melody of the song. Think about the melody without the words. Then speak the words of the song, and think about the song without the melody.Take a moment to reflect on these experiences.Now – Decide how you think the song should be sung. Sing it again with feeling and emotion. – Take a moment to reflect on this experience.NEXT …………….. Comment on this arts experience. Do not forget to comment on your process and feelings.6. The Artist’s Way – Chapter 5: Recovering a Sense of Possibility – Julia CameronDIRECTIONS: 1. Read the following questions and think about the information in Chapter #1.2. Write a paragraph stating something you learned in this chapter, which will be useful to you during your creative journey and WHY.A. Do you know how to say, “No?” B. Do you know of and approve of your “True Self?” C. Have you been systematically destroying your “True Self? D. Are you afraid that if you aren’t “nice,” people will not like you?” E. Are you self-destructive? F. Do you know your own needs? G. Are you caught in the “Virtue Trap?” H. What is your “degree of drift?” I. Have you asked yourself, “What would I try if it weren’t too crazy?” RESPONSE:7. The Artist’s Way– Chapter 6: Recovering a Sense of Abundance -Julia Cameron DIRECTIONS: 1. Read the following questions and think about the information in Chapter #1.2. Write a paragraph stating something you learned in this chapter, which will be useful to you during your creative journey and WHY.A. Should we ignore a dream?B. Do you blame you misery on God? C. How often have you been sensible? D. Who instilled in you what is sensible? E. Page 108: – How do your ideas about money shape you ideas about creativity? F. Page 109: – Are you too busy to enjoy pastimes? G. Do you have no time to pass? Are you used to the clock ticking?

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