Discuss what you learned about how often you communicate co

Discuss what you learned about how often you communicate competently and how satisfied you are with your communication based on the two scales you filled out. Include things you may have already known about yourself as well as things that may have surprised you. Compare and contrast your score from the “how competently do you communicate?’ with the scores given to you by someone else. What were things you expected and what things may have surprised you. As you are discussing what you have learned (a & b above) incorporate the concepts discussed in chapters 1 – 2 in the text book to provide an explanation for your scores. For example, what have you learned from the book/lecture that may help to explain why you don’t involve the other person I what you are saying or don’t use appropriate facial expressions. You can just incorporate communication skills like small talk at home from chapter 1 and routine interactions are mentioned in chapter. Papers should be TYPED and no less than 2 pages using adequate font (e.g., 12 pt. Times New Roman) and margins (1”). You need a cover page. You should proofread for errors in grammar, spelling, etc. as such errors represent your work as less professional and may lead to miscommunication

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