Discussion Emerging Trends in Health CareFor health care pr

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Discussion: Emerging Trends in Health CareFor health care providers, changesin governmental policies, local and national economics, and the need tointegrate new technologies, tests, and procedures can all impact the financialsituation of an organization. In addressing financial issues, a myriad offactors must be considered, such as the varying objectives of those providingcare, resource availability, the population being served, and theimplementation of government policies. As a nurse manager, you must considerthe potential positive and negative impacts of new trends on your organizationand all its stakeholders.In this Discussion, you evaluate howemerging trends in the health care field impact health care decisions forpatients, doctors, and nurses.To prepare:Review the Learning Resources for this week, focusingon the role of nurse managers in making financial decisions.Conduct additional research in the Walden Library andother relevant sources, to identify three emerging trends that are affecting health care today.Select one trend to discuss in detail and evaluate itsimplications for the delivery of care from the perspective of doctors,nurses, and patients.Reflect on how this trend might impact quality of care.ByDay 3Post a brief description of three emerging trends that areaffecting health care today. Evaluate the implication of one of these trends onthe delivery of health care from the perspectives of doctors, nurses, andpatients. Explain how this trend might impact the quality of care.

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