Due Week 4, Day 7 (Weight 20%)  Strategicand clear communic

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Due Week 4, Day 7 (Weight 20%)  Strategicand clear communication is critical to advancing your goals, ideas, andcareer. Contrary to popular belief, effective communication is alearned behavior one can improve at any point in life. Skilledcommunicators are highly strategic and organized in their approach. Theykeep their desired outcomes in mind, use situation-appropriatecommunication styles, understand their audiences, and develop targetedmessages.  For this assignment, you will identify a topic thatyou would like to elicit buy-in from leadership, colleagues, clients, orother professional entities. You will then develop a strategiccommunication plan to assess and to guide your communication approach.Lastly, you will utilize your communication plan to draft a persuasiveemail that informs and requests attendance to a formal presentation onyour topic. Keep in mind, assignment 1 and 2 are linked. You willdeliver a professional presentation in week 7 based on this assignmentand your strategic communication plan.  Part 1: Identify yourtopic If you have a professional persuasive presentation pending, if youhave delivered one you would like to improve, or if you have apresentation topic you want to deliver please consider using it for thecourse assignment. Historically, students have delivered their coursepresentations with great success. Below are topic suggestions:  •Do you deserve a raise? • Would you be a great fit for the new positionthat just opened?  • Do you see an amazing growth opportunity that youwould like to investigate and/or lead a team in pursuing? • Does yourproject require additional funding or staff?  Part 2: StrategicCommunication Plan: 1-3 pages (may be formally written, or in outline,or chart form) Next, assess your audience and your communicationapproach to develop a targeted communication strategy to achieve yourcommunication objective. Consider the following questions to guide thedevelopment of your strategic communication plan, persuasive email, andprofessional presentation: • Define your desired outcome(s). • Assessyour audience.  o Who will you be addressing? Who are the “keyinfluencers”? o What do they know and expect? o What do they feel? oWhat will persuade them? (Apply both Munter and Cialdini) o Considertheir possible DiSC styles and the impact of these styles. o What, ifany, opposition do you expect and how will you address it? • Identify anappropriate communication style to use.

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