E1-25 (book/static) Question Help  Jakes Roasted Peanut

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E1-25 (book/static) Question Help ​Jake’s Roasted Peanuts supplies snack foods. The business experienced the following events. a.​Jake’s Roasted Peanuts gave capital after receiving cash from the sole proprietor.b.Cash purchase of land for a building site.c.Paid cash on accounts payable.d.Purchased​ equipment; signed a note payable.e.Performed service for a customer on account.f.Owner withdrew cash.g.Received cash from a customer on account receivable.h.Borrowed money from the bank.Requirement1.State whether each event​ (1) increased,​ (2) decreased, or​ (3) had no effect on the total assets of the business. Identify any specific asset affected.​(Complete all answer​ boxes.)Effects on total assetsAsset account(s) affected

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