erm Paper – Project InstructionThe purpose of the term paper

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erm Paper – Project InstructionThe purpose of the term paper is for the student to demonstrate a working knowledge and practical application of the concepts which were discussed over the course of the term. Students are encouraged to use Microsoft Power Point or other Office software to properly present their information.Although hand drawn parts and processes are acceptable for submission, all drawings required for the project must be neat and legible and data is to be presented in an acceptable business format.Please note that the paper is in the form of a presentation and a seperate paper is not necessary detailing the information of the presentation.The following are the requirements and points allotted for the specific tasks of the assignment:I. CHOSE A PRODUCT WHICH YOU WOULD LIKE TO MAKE, SELL AND DEVELOP INTO A BUSINESS.You may use an existing product that you can modify or change the component of a product to make the product a ‘green’ product. If you have an idea that you currently are working on, test it out here.II. DESIGN THE PRODUCT:Show the assembly drawing of the product and its parts. This should look like an instruction sheet with pictures to show how the individual components make up the assembly.(Hand made drawings scanned into the computer are acceptable).(10 pts)List the raw materials that are required to make the part and the Bill of Materials that compose the assembly (B.O.M). For example, a chair is made of foam, fabric, wood and steel. Detail the amount of each material required for your product. For the assembly B.O.M. the components are the frame, legs, casters, seat adjuster and so on.. List the components you will need, the quantity requried and cost per piece. (10pts)III. DESIGN THE PROCESSES TO MAKE THE PRODUCTShow the process flow chart of your operation. How the components flow from one process to the next for assembly should be illustrated. In the flow chart , include the places where you must make a decision. These are normally the points where inspection and rework must take place. Be sure to include what happens when a part is rejected. (10pts)Draw a simple layout your assembly system of your plant. Do you have straight line production? Do departments make components and feed an assembly line? Does your production line follow a lean manufacturing concept using the U shape for material flow? The material flow should also be documented. (10pts)Determine the location of your plant and justify why you chose to be there. (10pts)IV. CONDUCT YOUR BREAKEVEN ANALYSIS:Show the break even analysis based upon an estimated annual sales of the product. These are based on your ‘market research’. Include a sentence as to where you found the data that allowed you to forecast your annual sales. (10 pts)V. PLAN FOR THE QUALITY OF YOUR PRODUCT:Describe the various methods of quality control, and quality assurance you will be using to maintain the products quality through out the assembly process and supply zero defect quality. What are you doing with rejected products in your assembly operation? Do you tear them down and recycle parts or do you scrap them? (10pts)VI. PRODUCTION PLANNING AND CONTROL:Describe how are you going to forecast the annual demand of the product. What system will you employ to regulate production? Will you make to order only or will your spread your production out over the year to capture seasonal trends? Include how long you are planning on making the product in it’s current state before you either redesign or get rid of the product line. Are you using planned obsolescence? (10pts)Illustrate your production plan for the period of one year. Show your master production schedule and a material requirement planning schedule for the one year time frame.This should include the amount of materials needed monthly, the units produced monthly and the predicted sales monthly. (This can be done using an excel spreadsheet). (10pts)VII. REFERENCES:List the references that you used for forecasting your sales, material costs and any other information necessary to complete the assignment.If you used web sites for your data, please reference them properly according to the MLA format. (10pts)DUE DATE:The project write up is due by 5:00 PM , Friday of week 8. Your project must be submitted through ‘Term Paper – Submission (Due: Friday of Week 8; 100 pts)’ at the bottom of this page by this deadline. Early postings are acceptable. Any posting after this deadline will loose 4 points per day. No project will be accepted after 5 days past the posted deadline.EVALUATION CRITERIA:The project will be subjectively evaluated based upon the content and quality of the materials presented by you in each section as requested in the guidelines. Please follow the project outline and format to insure that all points of interest are included in your project write up. Points will be deducted if the project does not contain the criteria as detailed above.

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