Essay 4 Assignment – Literary AnalysisThe essay must refe

Essay 4 Assignment – Literary AnalysisThe essay must referto Into the Wild and at least one other source.The essay must analyze the book. Do not just summarize the plot. If you are comparing Into the Wild to anotherwork, don’t just list superficial similarities or differences (“Both men were young and spent a lot of time in theoutdoors”); instead, delve into psychology, motives, and meaning of their experiences. This is going to requiresome thought to form an opinion and then locate evidence to support that opinion.1. Some critics have argued that Chris McCandless was mentally ill. Read Craig Medred’s article “TheFalse Being Within.” Write an essay agreeing or disagreeing with Medred’s analysis. You must discuss aspecific kind of mental illness, and do research on a reputable medical web site (not Wikipedia) about thatform of mental illness. In your paper, you must quote from Medred’s article, list specific symptoms, andquote specific passages from Into the Wild that prove that McCandless displayed those symptoms.Format/Style: The essay should be in correct MLA format. The finished essay should be 800 to 1,000 words (3 to 4 pages) in length. No more than about half a pageshould be devoted to summarizing the plot; most of the paper must consist of your analysis of the book. Pay close attention to the creation of a clear, strong, argumentative thesis; pay similar attention toconstructing well-developed paragraphs that incorporate sources smoothly. Remember, whenever you write about something that Chris McCandless said, thought, or did, you need tocite your source – on what page in the book did the information appear? You must use at least one secondary or outside source (not a dictionary, encyclopedia, wiki, etc.). Youmust include a Works Cited page.DO NOT PLAGURISE, I WILL CHECK RIGHT AWAY!

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