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Essay #5 (Definition) 15% Minimum Length: 900 words upon a time, I wanted to nail down reality as an absolute. It was something that made mefeel there was something to cling to — even my life itself proved itself to be all about mirage,illusion, mental invention, and raw courage. After struggling, I came to the conclusion that the’definition’ is an act of will – it is a personal mission to assert a personal vision (in general) and aset of conditions (in particular) for the things that really matter to me.Elements to include:• The concept, thing, place, person, or phenomenon I plan to explore• A bit of background — what’s the context?• Breaking it down: listing the aspects that contribute to an understanding of what this is• Why should I care? Let’s step back a bit and see what we’re all about• Raw thoughts and impressions: it’s the knee-jerk responses that keep you engaged, right?• A conclusion and summing up … and the next step …

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