Every workplace needs constant updating of instructions and

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Every workplace needs constant updating of instructions and procedures. Your task for this discussion is to draft a set of instructions to meet the needs of Webuwrite Academy. After an incident in which a person entered the Webuwrite facility with a gun, the Public Safety department wishes to distribute a set of instructions and procedures for employees to follow in the event of another such incident. The information the department wants to include can be found in the Webuwrite Break-in media piece, which is in the Resources and which you watched in the second study for this unit.Complete the following:Watch the Webuwrite Break-in media piece.Write a set of instructions to help the Public Safety department of Webuwrite. Use both text and visuals.You may use standard visuals provided by your computer software or produce your own.Consider letting the visuals repeat or reinforce the written instructions.Webuwrite has a culturally diverse workforce. The instructions should be easily read by and culturally acceptable to all workers. Keep in mind the ethical and legal implications of this set of instructions. They should be suitable for posting in various work stations.Post your drafted instructions to the discussion forum as a PDF attachment to ensure that your classmates can all open and read the file. Explain your choices of language and visuals in the body of your post, and ask your peers to comment on other areas of concern you have for further revisions.Internet ResourcesUse these articles linked in the Resources to learn more about writing instructions:’Page Layout for a Set of Instructions.”Instructions: Glossary of Grammatical and Rhetorical Terms.’

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