File 1 is the requirement of this position.Your task 1.U

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File 1 is the requirement of this position.Your task: 1.Use online sources and the library’s databases to find a minimum of three credible, non-academic sources published within the past five years to gather information for your report. Credible sources include national news media, trade journals and magazines, etc. 2.Write a full two-page (plus reference list), direct strategy analytical memo report for Makiko and Ben. After your introduction, logically organize the body of the report to discuss the issues noted above. Conclude your report by summarizing your research, highlighting the most relevant information for your employers, and justifying your recommended action. 3.Revise your drafts to ensure your message follows the instructions given here, in your COMM class, and on the checklist. Referencing your research: Please be sure to correctly acknowledge all your sources using APA style. Examples are shown in the Business Communication textbook and The Style Guide. Use your own words to express your thoughts and paraphrase the words and ideas of other sources. Do not copy any material from the text book, class slides, other students’ work, or any sources you consult. File 2 is the sample of the job

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