FINAL PAPERPrepare an 5 to 7 page paper (excluding title pag

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FINAL PAPERPrepare an 5 to 7 page paper (excluding title page and reference page) that analyzesa legal/ethical issue or situation relating to a current, previous, or potential futurework environment. Use at least 5 scholarly sources that are suitable for research inan undergraduate-level course (ie: Not Wikipedia!).YOUR PAPER MUST INCLUDEA description of a business situation that presents a legal and ethical issue.The business situation must be from prior, current, or anticipated futureemployment experiences, or a current event. The description of the businesssituation must not exceed two pages.Analysis of the ethical concerns raised by the situation.Apply at least two different ethical theories to the situation to supportat least two different outcomes.The paper must identify which ethical outlook as applied to thisparticular situation will result in the best legal outcome for thebusiness.Application of the relevant area(s) of law (minimum of 2) that has (have)been addressed in this course to the situation (e.g., constitutional law,contracts, anti-trust law, securities regulations, employment law,environmental law, crimes, or torts) and a discussion of the applicable law asit applies to the situation identified.The application of law must be accurate and thorough.The discussion of the different applicable law suggested by thesituation being examined must reflect a thorough understanding ofthe relevant legal analysis.WRITING THE FINAL PAPERThe Final Paper:Must be 5 to 7 double-spaced pages in length, and formatted according toAPA style.Must include a title page with the following:o Titleofpapero Student’s nameo Course name and numbero Instructor’s nameo Date submittedMust begin with an introductory paragraph that has a succinct thesisstatement, which identifies the focus of the paper.Must address the topic of the paper with critical thought.Must end with a conclusion that reaffirms your thesis.Must use at least 5 scholarly sources.Must document all sources in APA style.Must include a separate reference page, formatted according to APA s

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