Find the attachment to read the 3 chapters and write about i

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Find the attachment to read the 3 chapters and write about itAcademic Analysis Of LiteratureProject 1: Literary AnalysisIn this literary analysis essay, students will discover a thesis in the text of an author and support this thesis with textual evidence. This section will be using Olive Kitteridge in order to discuss the interrelationship of character, theme, and rhetorical style in a chosen chapter.This project asks you to analyze a literary work in terms of major fictional elements, in particular character and theme. You will choose a character from one of the first three stories that we cover in class, and engage with the character as a vehicle for a major theme. You should consider the narrative, the personality traits, the relationships, and the overriding meanings that evolve through the character’s role in the story. You should also select a major passage that serves to illustrate your claim about meaning evolving from the character. In that passage also consider rhetorical style as a means of supporting the development of your claim.The major parts of this paper are as follows:An introduction with a clear, direct thesis in the proper position;A short abstractive summary of the character’s narrative in the chapter;An analysis of the character’s personality;A close reading of a selected illustrative passage;A concluding discussion of the relationship between character and theme.Project DescriptionFinal draft of around 1000 words. MLA format. Due Feb. 13.A rough draft, submitted to the instructor on time. Due Feb. 6.One peer-reviewed rough draft.Reminders about Good WritingThink in terms of a narrow thesis Don’t cover all areas we discussed, just focus on proving 1 or 2 points Use Topic Sentences & an Outline to narrow your thesis Try to open each paragraph with a strong Topic Sentence Use the reading questions on Blackboard and your handbook to give you ideas for the essay Don’t forget to attach a Works Cited page with Strout’s novel listed as a source. If you consult or use any other sources, cite those as well, although it is not recommended that you consult sources other than Strout’s novel.Helpful hints In the opening sentence, give the name of the author, the title of the chapter you are analyzing along with a sense of the chapter’s overall context in terms of other chapters you have read. How did this chapter ‘paint a picture’of character or setting using narrative, words, and images?Objectives By the end of this assignment you should be able to • Abstract a summary from a complex text • Conduct a rhetorical analysis of a key literary passage • Identify rhetorical elements and explain how they affect your interpretation of character • Paraphrase, quote and cite plot points smoothly and honestly • Cite a primary source in MLA format

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