First Assignment Read the article below. Hill, R., & Rapp,

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First Assignment: Read the article below. Hill, R., & Rapp, J. (2014). Codes of Ethical Conduct: A Bottom-Up Approach. Journal of Business Ethics, 123(4), 621-630. doi:10.1007/s10551-013-2013-7.Link to ArticleBased on what you read in the assigned article, answer the following questions:1. Identify and define the four stages to the process to build a code of conduct from the bottom up approach?2. Of the four stages, which one do you feel is the most important? Why?3. How does the use of the bottom up approach provide a better approach than a top down process?4. How would the application of this approach assist companies in preventing unethical conduct? Second Assignment: As a member of the Committee for Dynamic Success, you have spent sometime researching other companies’ Codes of Ethics. Codes of Ethics canrange from being specific to being broad in nature. The Presidentdecided that they would like to have all of the committee members make adraft of a potential Code of Ethics for the organization. For yourdraft, the President wants each person to create 10 Rules for EthicalConduct for Luxor Employees. Your rules do not need to be lengthy, butneed to have enough detail so that all of the employees know the basicexpectations.

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