For this assignment, watch at least three of the following v

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For this assignment, watch at least three of the following videos use additional Internet (scientifically credible) articles to explain the mechanisms that are used by extremophiles to survive in their extreme environments. You may use articles from your group’s discussions in addition to the videos.Your assignment MUST have the following headers to receive full credit.This extremophile is special because it can:The most likely place to discover this type of extremophile is:You are to include these two sections for at least two extremophiles.Your assignment should be about 700 words long and include several of the following concepts related to the requirements of life: such as respiration, metabolism, energy, and reproduction.Do not cut and paste from other sources, answers must be in your own words. You should use scientifically-valid Internet sites for your information, but you will NOT get credit if you cut and paste text directly from the website. This is not an assignment to measure your Internet research skills, but rather how you can digest that information and gain and understanding about astronomical objects.Please submit in PDF or a current version of .docx (MS word) to the DROPBOX area under COURSE ACTIVITIES on the top menu bar. Our TA will grade them and should return them within 2 weeks. If you have trouble submitting, please email a copy of the assignment before the due date to get full credit.Note on Citations: For assignments you should simply cite the title, author (or publisher) and date of the article along with the URL (but please be prepared for your final paper I will expect full citations).You are welcome to discuss the assignment in your study group, but remember that in the end YOU MUST HAND IN YOUR OWN WORK.Assignments will be graded according to the following:40% accuracy of content; 30% scientific validity and citations; 20% completeness and clarity of writing; 20% originality of writing

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