For this discussion forum, you will first create a collage t

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For this discussion forum, you will first create a collage that you will post for your classmates to see, and you will answer the questions below. This activity is to get you thinking creatively, and to demonstrate how you can use compositional principles to enhance your creation. First stepCut out at least 15 images (more is encouraged!) from magazines, newspapers, and other hard-copy sources. You are encouraged to seek a variety of images: some to be used as background textures, others that you feel are foreground images. You can look for various sorts of imagery. Some may have references to things or activities you value; you might also consider using words or letters; you might include bits of pure geometry or color; you might include landscapes or very abstract atmosphericelements as well.Next, take the images and play with them! Try laying them on a piece of paper or cardstock. A background of 18 x 24 inches is recommended (and it shall be no smaller than 11 x 17 inches). Mix them about! Play with overlapping the images, and study the relationship between the images. Play with the compositional principles you have been studying and applying them to this Visual Composition. Look at the negative space – the space between the images you have on your board. You can ask yourself such questions as: What is Foreground and what is Background? What sort of Rhythm or Counterpoint do I see in my composition? Is there an emotional, sensory or intellectual resonance that you are seeing in your composition – or that you would like to create? Enjoy your work! You should feel good about the completed collage – and find it aesthetically pleasing.When you are finished with your collage, photograph it. Note: The photo can not exceed 500 KB. For information about shrinking your file, please visit: (Links to an external site.). Here, you can upload a picture, shrink it, and save it as a smaller file.Answer the following questions and post your answers here.Why did you choose the category of images – and the specific images that are in your collage? Be as specific as possible. Also: describe way you played with the images and describe the compositional approaches you used to create your final composition. For example: ‘I chose the image of the tree being blown by the wind because I love the way it curves at the top as if it is bowing in reverence. I tend to respond to images of large objects that look as if they are trying to be smaller. I also used the principle of rhythm by putting the wind blown tree on a background of waves on the sea – and pasting bits of blue color all around, these bits of color reinforce the sense of reverence and austerity in the image.’ If you choose an image because it represents something that you enjoy, describe what it is that you enjoy about that thing. ‘ I chose several images of wings and placed two feathers on my collage because I am fascinated by the variety of ways that birds fly. Some birds soar and hover, and then quickly dive straight towards the earth. Others fly in sporadic patterns, changing directions with lightness and ease. I love the sense of dynamic in the image, and I also added bits of color to reinforce the atmosphere of lightness and freedom.’ (150-200 words)Why did you choose to put the images in the order/design that they are in? What makes this collage aesthetically pleasing to you? Again, be specific. ‘I placed my image of an egg overlapping with the image of a picket fence because I appreciate the contrast of a smooth round surface and an angular one. My aesthetic preferences tend to involve contrasting images.’ (150-200 words)Attach the picture of your collage. Below you will find two richer examples from previous students. You might ask yourself: ‘What do I like about the composition of these collages?’.

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