For this option, please watch the 15-minute online video You

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For this option, please watch the 15-minute online video YouTube video showing monkeys at Edinburgh Zoo (Scotland): The 15-minute video shows individuals from two species of monkeys living together in an outdoor group at the Living Links to Human Evolution Research Centre in Edinburgh Zoo. The group includes brown capuchin monkeys (Cebus apella) and common squirrel monkeys (Saimiri sciureus) living together in a mixed group. You can find out more information about the groups at website Completing the this option will allow you to learn some of the same skills for observing primates as used for actual zoo observations. Use two different methods for observing the monkeys in this video. For one method (continuous focal follow), watch one individual ( Popeye) and do a continuous follow for 15-minutes, indicating all of his behaviors and also noting if monkeys interact with him. The second method is a scan sample of the group – every minute stop the video and write down what all the animals (who are in frame on the video) are doing (including directions of any social interactions). You may have to view the video several times, as you practice each method of behavioral observations for your Primate Report. After collecting the behavioral data, please complete each section of this report. Please cite all sources used to prepare your report and include list in bibliography at end of your report. PLEASE COMPLETE THE ATTACHED DOCUMENT

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