For this project, you will select a topic to pursue for an e

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For this project, you will select a topic to pursue for an extended research project. You should select a topic that you can create an argument about and one that will require research in order to prove your argument to be true.For example, you may wonder whether McDonalds’ marketing has changed since the recent attention given to childhood obesity. You could look at past marketing campaigns, statements from McDonalds, and articles from a variety of sources with different views on this issue. You would then make a decision about what you think about the topic, create an argument around that belief, and use your research to support your point of view. Go here (Links to an external site.)for ideas or as a starting point or here (Links to an external site.)to brainstorm. Make sure there is another side to your argument!The research project, as a whole, consists of four different assignments: 1. PROPOSALYou will use the next couple days to think about potential ideas for your research project. You should try to spend some time writing down ideas, searching the Internet and library databases for potential sources, and figuring out what you want to spend the rest of the semester exploring through writing and research. For your proposal, include the following elements as described in your books (p. 156 in 5th edition) with the exception of Sources or Preliminary Bibliography (we’ll be addressing these in a separate assignment):BackgroundMethodsSignificanceTimeline(400-600 words) 2. ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHYAs you begin finding potential sources to use in your research paper, you will need to determine whether these sources are worth using in your paper. An annotated bibliography is similar to a references page, but there’s one major difference. Each listed source is accompanied by a brief summary and explanation of usefulness, including possible biases – called a notation. If a source has a notation, it’s annotated. By annotating sources, researchers leave “footprints” for other researchers, valuable information that gives them some idea of the source’s content. Annotated bibliographies are also helpful to researchers as they sort through sources and make decisions about which sources to use. As your paper evolves, you may revisit sources that you originally didn’t think you’d use, and an annotated bibliography will have the necessary information to tell if a source is worth looking at again. For your annotated bibliography, you will select SIX sources that you plan to use in your research paper, list the information using APA documentation and formatting for each source, and write a summary and assessment of the value of that source for your research goals. (750+ words) Due: Thursday, March 223. RESEARCH ESSAYAs stated above, for your paper, you will need to identify a topic that you want to research and make an argument about. This will be your opportunity to engage in an academic conversation with and about sources relevant to your topic of interest. Through your essay, you will demonstrate your rhetorical awareness by considering your audience, purpose, and context and using this knowledge to craft a well reasoned, researched argument. You must include at least TWO pieces of media– link, picture, etc. in the paper.Your essay should include information from at least eight sources and will need to be formatted according to APA guidelines. (2250 – 3000 words) There will not be time to rewrite the final paper, so the grade given on the first draft is final. Due: Thursday, April 12th, on Canvas by midnight4. MULTIMODAL PROJECTFor your final project, you will use your research essay to create a multimodal project. This means you will create a project that uses various elements (audio, graphic, text, visual, etc.) to express your research essay findings/argument. There are several ways for you to do this, but the medium you use will be up to you (with the exception of PowerPoint). It is also up to you to decide what parts of your essay should be expressed in your multimodal project and how.This will be an opportunity for you to show what you have learned about using rhetoric to persuade both in written form and using other media. You will need to strategically combine written, visual, and audio elements in order to persuade your audience. The visual parts of your argument will be especially important in this project. Keep in mind that the visual aspects of your project are not limited to photos, clipart, or cartoons. Charts and graphs are ways to communicate with and convince an audience as well. Images illustrating the problem you’re addressing can also be very effective. Additionally, you will need to pay attention to how all the elements of your project are arranged and work together to achieve your goal. Media you may want to consider include: Prezi, Powtoon, a website, a video, etc. I will show you several websites that can help you create visual presentations, or you may use a program you are already familiar with, with the exception of PowerPoint. You will decide on the medium and length of your project. As a class, we will host an open house to showcase your multimodal projects on our last day of class. RubricKettering Writing Rubric (2)Kettering Writing Rubric (2)CriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomePurpose/Thesisview longer descriptionFull Marks15.0 ptsRating Description10.0 ptsRating Description5.0 ptsNo Marks0.0 pts15.0 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeContentview longer descriptionFull Marks15.0 ptsRating Description10.0 ptsRating Description5.0 ptsNo Marks0.0 pts15.0 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeLanguage and Styleview longer descriptionFull Marks10.0 ptsRating Description7.0 ptsRating Description4.0 ptsNo Marks0.0 pts10.0 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeOrganization/Structureview longer descriptionFull Marks5.0 ptsNo Marks0.0 pts5.0 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeGrammar & Mechanicsview longer descriptionFull Marks5.0 ptsNo Marks0.0 pts5.0 pts This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeHSS-4-BASIC-iview longer descriptionthreshold: 3.0 ptsExceeds outcome4.0 ptsMeets outcome3.0 ptsElements of outcomes being met2.0 ptsDoes not meet outcome1.0 ptsNot applicable0.0 pts–Total Points: 50.0PreviousNext

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