Functional Behavior AssessmentEvery behavior is exhibited ei

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Functional Behavior AssessmentEvery behavior is exhibited eitherto gain or avoid something. When learning to modify a target behavior,the first step is to find out what is the function of the behavior (gaining oravoiding), and then identify its purpose. Read Chapter 8, Formal Behavior Assessment, and Chapter 9, Functional BehaviorAssessment, in your textbook. Then, read the articles, Functional behavior assessment (FBA) and Functional behavioralassessment: Confucting a functional behavioral assessment (FBA).Complete the STAR legacy module, Functional Behavioral Assessment: Identifying the Reasonsfor Problem Behavior and Developing a Behavior Plan, beginningwith the “Challenge” section and following the self-guided tutorial. Completethe following seven “Assessment” questions (also at the conclusion of themodule):Describe a school-based example of two of thefollowing: positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, punishment, orextinction.Discuss at least two benefits of conducting an FBA toaddress problem behaviors.After watching the video (located in the assessmentsection of the module), and filling out the A-B-A analysis form on Kira(the girl in the white shirt), discuss what the function of Kira’sbehavior is.Nigel’s problem behavior includes cursing, making derogatorycomments toward other students, yelling, spitting, and shovingchairs. Discuss the type of a measurement system you would use tocollect data on Nigel’s problem behaviors and explain your answer.Using the information on the matrix for Nigel (locatedin the assessment section of the module), determine a possible function ofthe behavior. Be sure to include a hypothesis statement.Look at the graph (located in the assessment section ofthe module). The objective of the function-based intervention was toreduce the instances of Nigel’s problem behaviors (i.e., cursing, makingderogatory comments toward other students, yelling, spitting, and shovingchairs) during a twenty-minute small-group activity. Discuss whetheror not the intervention was successful. If you were the teacher, would youkeep, modify, or discontinue the intervention? Explain your answers.Discuss how you would go about evaluating anunsuccessful intervention. Include two specific factors that you wouldexamine and explain why they are important.Each of your answers should be atleast half a page in length, double spaced. You must support your ideas with atleast two additional sources (with the exception of questions 3 and 6). You mayalso reference your personal experience in addition to your sources. Yourpaper should be four to six pages in length, excluding the title page andreference page, and formatted according to APA guidelines, as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. Carefully review the Grading Rubricfor the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.

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