Functional Test Plan Assignment Description: Identify at le

Functional Test Plan Assignment Description: Identify at least 3 test cases or test scenarios for the parking lot calculation application. For each test case or scenario, complete a functional test plan (high level test plan geared primarily toward product functionality). Use one of the sample functional test plans or build your own. Note: In the “CIS 623 – Functional Test Plan.doc” sample document, there is a section for 3 different test cases or scenarios to be accommodated on the one form. Also note that not all parts of theses templates will be relevant to your testing effort. Using Mind Maple, create a basic mind map which reflects your functional test plan test cases and test steps. Estimation Analysis and Exercise What factors must be considered when estimating the size, scope and duration of a given testing effort? Discuss these factors and their impact. How would you estimate the parking lot application testing effort in terms of size and effort? Explain your estimate, the specific factors you considered and any assumptions you made. Analysis should be at least 550 and less than 450 words. Weekly Discussion Forum Posts Post an original thread of 400 to 550 words in response to one of the following topics in this week’s discussion forum. (25 points) Discussion Forum Topics: Within an agile SCRUM environment, is it possible for a tester embedded within a development team to maintain independence? Why or why not? How effective would they be? What are the risks and benefits of a tester being integrated as a part of a development team? What are the risks and benefits of a tester remaining totally independent? What are the benefits of developing a test plan for a given testing project and what are the things you must take into consideration as you write a test plan? Compare and contrast a test plan to a functional test plan. How do they differ from each other? Which approach would be most suitable to an agile software development environment and which would be more suitable to a waterfall SDLC? What is your rationale?

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